NAG has its own stock of Standard Uniforms. Our Standard Uniforms stock contains items from 9 industries for which NAG creates and to which it delivers clothes. These garments are in standard sizes and colors, typical of a particular type of uniform.

When choosing a standard uniform, you are actually choosing a REDAY-MADE UNIFORM from our stock, which is available IMMEDIATELY, and the delivery of the items you choose is QUICK and SIMPLE.

NAG's standard uniform includes the following items: men's and women's pants, vests, jackets and skirts. The standard corporate colors of these men's and women's garments include: black, navy and gray.

We also have standard men's and women's shirts in stock. The shirts in stock come in the following colors: white, light blue, light gray and black.

The standard polo shirts and T-shirts in stock come in: white, gray, black, red, beige and navy blue.


The existing items of the standard NAG uniform can be branded at the positions available on ready-made models. For adding logos on Standard Uniform items, embroidery or printing are usually recommended.