On Thursday, August 20, in the NAG's patio in Belgrade, we celebrated the start of long-term cooperation between NAG from Belgrade and the German NGO expert organization SES.

The speakers at the event were Anne Piplica, Economic Adviser to the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Serbia, the SES representative in Serbia, Ms. Gordana Miletić and Aleksandra Popović, Director of NAG.

SES hired NAG to create 5,000 protective masks for SES experts located all over the world. Since the whole world is now globally focused on fighting the COVID-19 epidemic, face masks have become a global indispensable part of people's lives. In this regard, the German association SES is about to support its members with 5,000 free masks for starters. 

NAG was founded 35 years ago and has specialized in the field of uniform production in the last 15 years. The company's head office is in Belgrade. Aleksandra Popović, Director points out that the cooperation with the German NGO expert organization was established with the intention of NAG achieving top results in optimizing business and conquering new markets using expertise of global experts. NAG is the leader in the production of uniforms on the territory of Serbia, making uniforms for 9 different industries, including the largest hotel chains and business systems. It is also present on the Swiss and German markets.

In her presentation, Gordana Miletić pointed out that SES is a German non-profit volunteer organization for experts and executive directors, who have retired or have taken some time off. With its knowledge, SES has been helping people help themselves since 1983 all over the world in every industry, state and economic sector. Currently SES has access to the knowledge of 12,000 experts in all professional areas. Since 1983, SES has signed about 60,000 volunteer contracts in about 160 countries, a third of which were signed in Germany. SES headquarters are in Bonn, but the organization has about 200 representative offices in 93 countries all over the world. SES' important partner is the Government of Germany with its numerous organizations. Primarily, SES receives funds for its operations from the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development and the German Ministry of Education. 

Ms. Anne Piplica supported the collaboration between the Serbian entrepreneurship and the German expert organization, expressing hope that the established cooperation would contribute to the development of business between the two countries.